Mayan Calendar 2012 Prediction

21 Dec 2012 is the end of Mayan Calender which the period is 25,625 years and divided into five cycles of 5,125 years.According to their calculations our solar system will be in one line with Hunab K'u, the center of the Milky Way which is astronomical correct. And from this central galaxy received a 'spark' of light which causes the Sun to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call 'solar flares' as well as changes in the Sun's magnetic field. The Mayans say that this happens every 5,125 years. But also that this causes a displacement in the earths rotation, and because of this movement great catastrophes would be produced. They said that this will be the end of the world..Well, i guess my world too...

Monday, September 20, 2010


U came
Taught me the things I do not know
U made me smile, laugh ponder and cry
Taught me the hardest thing to do
To say goodbye

U came
Taught me why the heart beats
That life is no retreat
That journey begins in single step
That everything has to wait

U came
Taught me that affection begins from nonsense
At the end like an undying ember
So hot, so rough, unpredictable yet so tender
Like a tale that next to never

U came
Reached my hand and offered nothing
Showed me the way with your magical wink
I saw your Garden of Eden
Accepted your life full of stain

Now you’re gone
Teach me how to start a hard beginning
The truth that life has to end
That heart has to mend

Now you’re gone
Teach me how to kiss goodbye to your soul
To pick pieces to patch the hole
Your memories to make me whole
Now that you are gone….

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