Mayan Calendar 2012 Prediction

21 Dec 2012 is the end of Mayan Calender which the period is 25,625 years and divided into five cycles of 5,125 years.According to their calculations our solar system will be in one line with Hunab K'u, the center of the Milky Way which is astronomical correct. And from this central galaxy received a 'spark' of light which causes the Sun to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call 'solar flares' as well as changes in the Sun's magnetic field. The Mayans say that this happens every 5,125 years. But also that this causes a displacement in the earths rotation, and because of this movement great catastrophes would be produced. They said that this will be the end of the world..Well, i guess my world too...

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Journey

They were incarcerated in a gigantic cell with whitish lining from corner to corner. The floor was slippery and the leak of oleic acid was unobtrusively dripping from the wall. The place stinks and the crowd was in total pandemonium. Everyone was burbling litanies that made the place a Babel ground.

  “Senen” he called as he walked towards him. “In few minutes we will leave this hellhole”
   “But how?” said Senen almost whispering in his husky voice. “We will spend the rest of our lives here Teddy, you and me and the rest of the populace here.”
   “Listen, there has been a report circulating that the fucking monster will again enter into the forbidden kingdom of Numidia to attack its prey. We will take this chance to escape, something has to end and that is our suffering.
   “I understand your nostalgia Teddy but we are millions here that have the same desire as yours! Look, we observed and we tried to escape here for so many times but ended up in disappointment. Many lives peril in the maelstrom the master will never allow us to leave this place alive.”
   “This is different Senen believe me.” He tapped his back and stood up. “This is a long journey reserve your energy, everyone is figging out and ready to go.

      Senen was still crouching in the corner and his mind was flummoxed of the scene that Teddy was trying to point out. He was in the middle of his contemplation when the rumble of distant thunder seem to echo his inner turmoil. “What the hell is that?”
   “Senen! It’s the sign!” Senen was still stunned in the corner. Teddy grabbed him and inadvertently followed the direction of the mob. The fleeing crowd filled the thawed ground tube passage as they squabbling; grabbing and pushing each other, the stampede left thousands dead and dying, the confusion became intense as they get near the end of the giant tube. Getting near the end of the tube was already a notable feat for most of them only to be washed away and melted by the torrent of acidic water filled with bacteria as they jumped over the swampy area. The smell become stinkier and the icky surface made them fagged.

    “Im exhausted Teddy, I don’t think I can make it.” Said Senen gasping tremendously.
    “There is no sense of thinking surrender my brother, there is no other way for us to be free. This way! We need to go upstream!” Teddy almost dragged Senen and kicking off the slimy creatures along their way. They were all crawling heading towards the upper side of the giant tunnel when the wave of sticky substance carried and squeezed them and almost crumpled them in the curvy glutinous wall of the tunnel.
    “On your feet brother! We don’t need to waste time! Or else we will be eaten alive by those little monsters!” said Teddy referring to the ugly creatures in the dungeon. They passed through the lifeless bodies of their companions. Some have been mutilated; some are still shaking in spasm fighting for life. The scene almost cut the throat of Senen and just shrugged in disbelief. “I know I will be one of them Senen thought.  
   “Here follow me!” said Teddy looking back to Senen.
   “Can we take rest for a while?”
   “No brother, there is no room for rest or else we will both die!
    “But can’t you see? Thousands have died!”
   “C’mon, we are almost done, the door to our freedom is near!”
   “Had you passed this way already?” asked Senen.
Stumping on the muddy and slippery surface of the tunnel, Teddy looked at Senen.  “No, but everyone in our world knows their own destiny and we are destined to be there, my brother, believe me.”
   They continue running towards the dimly lighted way. The rest of the crowd have survived the bacteria attack but totally exhausted to get through and they just let their bodies float in the stream of toxins.
   “Here! Said Teddy with sulky eyes and panting in exhaustion. “We need to jump in that surface and enter the door called ootid. When we reach that door it’s already our freedom my brother!”  Senen just stared frightened at Teddy.
    “Are you not delighted my brother?” asked Teddy who was puzzled with Senen’s reaction.
     “At your back!”  Senen’s warning was too late. The monster bacteria attacked Teddy and ripped his limb.
     “Jump! Senen jump!” the blood squirted from the torn veins of Teddy. Senen was unable to move.
     “Jump for your life! For your free…” Teddy no longer able to finish his words his headless body slowly falling on the ground as the monster swallowed his head and the rest was total darkness.


After two months.

“Honey OMG! It’s positive! Im pregnant!
“Wow! At last honey after three years of trying and waiting. If it’s a baby boy I will name him Teodoro.”

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Space Traveler

"I could have gone on flying thru space forever"

-Yuri Gagarin- 

flares soaring in the sky – thence it gone
celestial illusion on my mind
debris of your heart in my shattered soul
like an ethereal melodies that you left behind

i stood still when you passed by
fleeting passion in your sempiternal horizon
i waited for your sweet smile
but you vanished in your constellation

you are light years in a distance
a supernova in my evening sky
a twilight nebula out of my glance
will you be my Antares if I die?