Mayan Calendar 2012 Prediction

21 Dec 2012 is the end of Mayan Calender which the period is 25,625 years and divided into five cycles of 5,125 years.According to their calculations our solar system will be in one line with Hunab K'u, the center of the Milky Way which is astronomical correct. And from this central galaxy received a 'spark' of light which causes the Sun to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call 'solar flares' as well as changes in the Sun's magnetic field. The Mayans say that this happens every 5,125 years. But also that this causes a displacement in the earths rotation, and because of this movement great catastrophes would be produced. They said that this will be the end of the world..Well, i guess my world too...

Monday, September 20, 2010


We share, we laugh and we cry
Like we always say
Our love is true till our last goodbye
We recall moments
Moments to last a life time
When I am yours and you are mine
We may never know
The time is passing by
No one has to show somehow
Our tears run dry
Or the rain washed it away
We smile and sigh
We chased our dreams
But we left an empty hand
We both say we can ignore
Just for this moment
We say we can never find
Love like we felt
Candles that we melt
Stories we always told
Secrets we use to hide
Corners of a dark room as witness
Where do we go?
Will our love stay?
Only time can tell
When we both reminisce

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