Mayan Calendar 2012 Prediction

21 Dec 2012 is the end of Mayan Calender which the period is 25,625 years and divided into five cycles of 5,125 years.According to their calculations our solar system will be in one line with Hunab K'u, the center of the Milky Way which is astronomical correct. And from this central galaxy received a 'spark' of light which causes the Sun to shine more intensely producing what our scientists call 'solar flares' as well as changes in the Sun's magnetic field. The Mayans say that this happens every 5,125 years. But also that this causes a displacement in the earths rotation, and because of this movement great catastrophes would be produced. They said that this will be the end of the world..Well, i guess my world too...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


7, 6,5,4,3,2,1
You’ll be out of sight, out of touch
No more restaurants to dine, movies to watch
No one to stare at, no silly things for us to laugh

Life is touch and go, friends too
But my love remain wherever you may go
Until my heartbeats become slow
My life’s light no longer glow

Countless sleepless nights when I’m with you
What more if you are gone like blue in hue?
Like a breeze in dawn without a dew
Like your myriad questions without a clue

It was a surprise when you came
As well as the way you are leaving
Don’t push me to pick flower in others garden
Cause you are my field of flowers, my everything

Is there an art of leaving?
Is there an art to save one from crying?
Is there a place to live for those who are in pain?
Teach me how to hide my tears under the rain..

7 days to go, light years to forget you
6 days to go, rivers of tears to flow
5 days with you, to learn the art of letting go
4 days of staying with you, to cherish memories we went through
3 days to go, reaching horizon like a flamingo
2 more days with you, mourning for my heart that died for you
Last day with you, march to my heart’s funeral that subdue

Monday, January 2, 2012


Listen, there's a whisper
in the air,
there is music
there is love
there is magic.

Listen, there's a shout
in the air,
there is no music
there is no love
there is tragic!

Listen, to my crying soul
beneath the bed of disguise
beneath the pain
beneath the ground.

The moon is hiding
concealing its light
like a man's plight
for others delight.

The dawn is breaking
there is morning prayer
to save my soul
from the wrath of hell
there is flower,
an offer
to my eternal slumber.